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"Downhome Doggies has been absolutely incredible. When I first had to find a place for my dog Layla to stay I was really nervous about leaving her anywhere and hated the thought of using a traditional kennel where she would be in a cage, but at Downhome Doggies I know this is something I never have to worry about!

At Downhome Doggies they treat every dog as if it is their own and for me that made all the difference. The minute I went there I knew I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Every time I bring Layla there she is really excited and I know she loves running around with the other dogs during the day. They have been incredibly accommodating with reservations, Layla's daily prescription, and you really can't beat the price for the exceptional care that each dog receives. I live about 45 minutes away from Downhome Doggies but I still wouldn't choose any other place for Layla to stay. Downhome Doggies is one-of-a-kind and I would highly recommend it! " - Stephanie T.

"The folks at Downhome Doggies are amazing. Definitely not your typical dog sitting service! I have taken my rescue dog, Alex, there many times for both day camp and boarding, and he loves it. Alex is now much more friendly and social than when I first adopted him. I can't image taking him anywhere else when I have to go out of town." - Jeff L. Hill, NH

"Our family, and our dog Rosie, love DownHome Doggies - she may actually be First Doggie, I am not sure. They take the best care of Rosie, she loves them and their dog Bilbo. We have asked numerous times for last minute reservations, and they have always been accommodating. " - Jennifer T.

"I take both of my dogs there every day when I go to work. They are flexible about pickup and dropoff times at Downhome Doggies, which makes my life a lot easier. Its great knowing I don't have to worry about my dogs no matter what the weather is, and they aren't in cages like other kennels!" - Mike W. Hill, NH

"We have been using DownHome Doggie Day Camp over the past 3 years. Our dog, Colt, gets so excited when we pull into the yard. He can't wait to play with the other dogs. We use the Doggie Day Camp when we go on our summer vacations and we never have to worry about Colt. We know he is in good hands with them. The owners do a great job keeping the yard and the indoor play areas clean. They treat the dogs as if they were their own. The location is great and we feel the rates are reasonable. (We give it 4 and a half dog bones!) " - The Laliberte Family

"Hector is a happy camper! Not only does Downhome Doggie Day Camp provide great canine baby-sitting that helps me out when I am busy, it is a doggie amusement park as far as Hector is concerned. He loves going to play with his buddies! The really good news is that he comes home tired and happy!" - Lucy N, Hill NH

"Our dog Mia is a love bug to humans. I learned a while ago hiking with her, that she was not with other dogs. When I moved to Hill to be with my partner I saw DownHome Doggie DayCamp and wondered of this would work. My commute was longer and I worried about Mia's need for exercise. The staff was so willing and so flexible, the word appreciation doesn't do their attitude justice.

They stuck with her, they tried new things. They welcomed her in to their family. Shawn and Katrina and Hayleigh and his Mom Mary Ann, have all been so patient and kind to Mia. They are true and authentic dog lovers. Their willingness and curiosity about all dogs is so endearing to me. I sometimes think I want to do the same when I retire.

Down home Doggie Day camp is right for everyone. They are tireless in their management of doggie personalities. Experience it once and you feel the dedication to each dog that comes to camp. Whether it is day camp or boarding, My dog is happier and definitely better behaved with other dogs." - Karen and Chris

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