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We cannot and will not take any pet withouth proof of UP-TO-DATE vaccinations! Sorry, no exceptions! Please see below.

Day Camp

We offer a safe, friendly, loving environment for your pet.  Indoor and outdoor play areas with plenty of toys and activities to provide fun and exercise (see our daily schedule for more details).


Our boarding facilities offer a comfortable, stress-free environment with soft lighting and nature sounds for peaceful sleepovers.  Daytime provides plenty of fun and exercise and interaction with our day camp buddies.

  • Dogs are required to have an orientation period to ensure that they are able to interact well with other campers before they are accepted on a permanent basis.

We accept dogs of all ages and sizes, as long as they are spayed or neutered.  We are dedicated to providing a safe, healthy, and fun environment for all our animals.  To ensure the safety and well being of all pets, owners are required to provide proof of current health certificate from their veterinarian.  All animals must be up to date on all vaccinations and undergo a flea screening before they will be accepted.   Required vaccinations are DHLPP (distemper), Rabies, and Bordatella (kennel cough). 

Dogs receiving their kennel cough vaccine must wait 24 hours after an intranasal or oral dose before staying with us. They must wait 7 days if the dose is gvien by injection. This is to ensure the safety of your pet and the rest of our campers.

We are very different from your typical dog kennels. Although our boarding and sleepover facilities are more than adequate, we prefer to make your pet part of our family, as long as they are housebroken and are able to adapt to our environment).  They will eat sleep and play within our home and become part of our family during their visit here! They will not be crated unless requested by the owner and will receive plenty of loving attention.

Clients will provide their dog’s food and treats with written instructions.  If your dog is sick, please take him to the vet.  We reserve the right to refuse a visit if your dog arrives sick or flea-infested.  If your dog gets sick while here, we will make every attempt to contact you.  We will either quarantine your dog until you can pick him up, or we will take your dog to our vet if we deem it necessary.  Life threatening illnesses or injury will be treated as deemed best within our sole discretion.  All veterinarian bills are the responsibility of the owner, no matter what the cause. 

  • There are no additional charges for dispensing medications (you must have the medication labeled and include written instructions), feeding, geriatric care, or puppy care.

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